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Open for Submissions

Incretins and incretin-based therapies for obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders

Guest Editors:
Nicolai Wewer Albrechtsen: Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Copenhagen University Hospital – Bispebjerg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Flávio Adsuara Cadegiani: Corpometria Institute, Brasilia, Brazil
Victor Gault: Ulster University, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Submission Status: Open until 17 June 2024

Endocrinology of reproduction and pregnancy

Guest Editors:
Kerri Devine: ST6 Diabetes and Endocrinology, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Panagiotis DrakopoulosVisiting Professor, Vrije University, Brussels, Belgium
Richard QuintonConsultant Endocrinologist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals & Senior Lecturer, Translational & Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Submission Status: Open until 30 November 2023

Cellular and molecular therapies and mechanisms of endocrine disorders

Guest Editors:
Dimiter Avtansk: Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, USA
Ramkumar Mohan: University of Michigan Medical School, USA

Submission Status: Open until 29 December 2023



Reducing inequalities in the management of Endocrine Disorders
Collection published: 12 April 2022

Emerging risk factors and complications of endocrine disorders
Collection published: 8 April 2022