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Table 1 Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-8) questionnaire1

From: A cross-sectional study clarifying profiles of patients with diabetes who discontinued pharmacotherapy: reasons and consequences

Q1 Do you sometimes forget to take your diabetic medication(s)?
Q2 People sometimes miss taking their medications for reasons other than forgetting. Thinking over the past two weeks, were there any days when you did not take your diabetic medication(s)?
Q3 Have you ever cut back or stopped taking your medication(s) without telling your doctor, because you felt worse when you took it?
Q4 When you travel or leave home, do you sometimes forget to bring along your diabetic medication(s)?
Q5 Did you take your diabetic medication(s) yesterday?
Q6 When you feel like your blood glucose is under control, do you sometimes stop taking your medication(s)?
Q7 Taking medication(s) every day is a real inconvenience for some people. Do you ever feel hassled about sticking to your diabetic treatment plan?
Q8 How often do you have difficulty remembering to take all your medication(s)?
  1. 1MMAS-8: 8-item version of the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale. The MMAS (8-item) content, names and trademarks are protected by US copyright and trademark laws. Permission for use of the scale and its coding is required. A license agreement is available from: MMAR, LLC, Donald E. Morisky, ScD, ScM, MSPH, 294 Lindura Court, Las Vegas, NV 89,138 − 4632; USA;