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Table 3 Laboratory findings when skin eruptions spread over the body (day 8)

From: Severe infection including disseminated herpes zoster triggered by subclinical Cushing’s disease: a case report

Complete blood cell count
 WBC (/µL) 31,900
  seg. (%) 50
  stab. (%) 28
  Lymphocytes (%) 3.5
 RBC (/µL) 4,770,000
 Hb (g/dL) 14.0
 Plt (/µL) 88,000
 PT-INR 4.65
 APTT (sec) 70.1
 Fib (mg/dL) <50
 D-dimer (μg/mL) 750
 TP/Alb (g/dL) 5.4/2.5
 T-Bil (mg/dL) 2.1
 AST/ALT/ALP (U/L) 2953/742/855
 BUN/Cr (mg/dL) 27/1.2
 Na/K/Cl (mEq/L) 133/3.4/91
 CRP (mg/dL) 1.9
  1. WBC white blood cell, seg. segmented cell, stab. stab cell, RBC red blood cell, Hb hemoglobin, Plt platelet, PT-INR prothrombin time international normalized ration, APTT activated partial thromboplastin time, Fib fibrinogen, TP total protein, Alb albumin, T-Bil total bilirubin, AST aspartate amino transferase, ALT alanine amino transferase, ALP alkaline phosphatase, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cr creatinine, CRP C-reactive protein