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Table 3 Results of Delphi consultation

From: Establishment of a type 1 diabetes structured education programme suitable for Chinese patients: type 1 diabetes education in lifestyle and self adjustment (TELSA)

DimensionItemAgreement ratioa (%)Full mark ratio (%)Degree of importance
Goals Behaviour modification100.0092.004.920.280.06
 Outcome improvement100.0096.004.880.370.08
Sessions Living with T1D96.0080.004.600.630.13
 Self-monitoring of blood glucose100.0092.004.880.440.09
 Managing psychosocial stress92.0068.004.280.800.19
 Carbohydrates and carb counting100.0088.004.760.370.08
 Physical activity100.0080.004.680.520.11
 Complications of diabetes96.0084.004.480.560.12
Format Multidisciplinary team combined with peer support100.0096.004.840.200.04
 Face-to-face education followed by remote learning96.0084.004.760.630.13
 2- to 3-day programme held on weekends or holidays92.0072.004.480.930.24
Quality assuranceAfter-class quiz100.0080.004.640.700.15
Patients’ feedback96.0084.004.880.540.11
Long-term evaluation on effectiveness96.0080.004.600.850.18
  1. aAgreement ratio is the proportion of experts scoring the item 4–5 points with Likert scale