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Table 2 Univariate logistic regression analysis of the univariate increased TSH (for TSH ≥ 2.5 mIU/l) determinants (variables), performed in women of child-bearing age (n = 95). OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; the level of statistical significance is given in italic; *p < 0.05

From: High normal TSH is associated with lower mannan-binding lectin in women of childbearing age

VariableUnivariate regression
Age [years]0.9590.90–1.020.175
Body mass [kg]1.0060.98–1.030.581
Height [m]0.00122.9 × 10−7-5.150.110
BMI [kg/m2]1.0330.97–1.100.326
Waist circumference [cm]1.0110.98–1.040.425
Hip circumference [cm]1.0090.97–1.040.615
FT4 [ng/dl]0.6840.05–8.240.762
FT3 [pg/ml]2.7680.81–9.360.096
aTPO-Ab [IU/ml]0.9950.98–1.000.131
aTg-Ab [IU/ml]0.9990.99–1.000.897
TSHR-Ab [IU/l]0.1990.02–2.480.203
Cholesterol [mg/dl]1.0020.98–1.020.745
HDLC [mg/dl]0.9820.94–1.010.315
LDLC [mg/dl]1.0070.99–1.020.395
TGs [mg/dl]1.0000.99–1.000.932
Glucose [mg/dl]1.0140.95–1.080.663
CRP [mg/dl]1.9510.83–4.530.115
Iron [μg/dl]0.9930,98–1.010.235
Lipid peroxidation
[MDA + 4-HDA (nmol/ml)]
MBL [ng/ml]0.9990.998–0.9990.038*