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Table 5 Prevalence of overweight or obesity in children of families participated in the second-stage screening

From: Two-stage, school and community-based population screening successfully identifies individuals and families at high-risk for type 2 diabetes: the Feel4Diabetes-study

VariablesTotal sampleBy parental FINDRISC category 
Both parents 0–11At least one parent 12–14At least one parent 15–26P-value*
Overweight or obesity in children, n (%)
 All countries (n = 2231)630 (28.2)267 (24.5)a,b213 (31.4)a150 (32.5)b0.001
 HICs under austerity measures (n = 930)309 (33.2)126 (28.9)a100 (35.1)83 (39.7)a0.018
 LMICs (n = 616)175 (28.4)73 (24.6)64 (32.7)38 (30.9)0.119
 HICs (n = 685)146 (21.3)68 (19.0)49 (24.9)29 (22.3)0.258
  1. *P-values indicate the significance of the differences among parental FINDRISC categories
  2. Figures sharing the same superscript letters differentiate significantly from each other
  3. FINDRISC Finnish Diabetes Risk Score, HICs High-income countries, LMICs Low to middle-income countries