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Table 1 Population reached and screened in the “Feel4Diabetes-study”

From: Two-stage, school and community-based population screening successfully identifies individuals and families at high-risk for type 2 diabetes: the Feel4Diabetes-study

Number ofAll countriesHICs under austerity measuresLMICsHICs
Participating schools219564120145830
Families contacted via participating schools28,075519548236541290253673247
Families participated in the “first-stage screening”11,396209615672948176216841339
Parents provided completed FINDRISC questionnaires (“first-stage screening”)20,501374130435211303429902482
Children measured at school setting (anthropometric indices obtained)12,194228617033034186717981506
Families identified as “high risk families” and invited to participate in the “second-stage screening”44849077151088689475610
Families participated in the “second-stage screening”2537452541463286420375
Parents participated in the “second-stage screening”3153696659554319499426
Grandparents participated in the “second-stage screening”121694615
  1. FINDRISC Finnish Diabetes Risk Score, HICs High-income countries, LMICs Low to middle-income countries