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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Systematic review of communication technologies to promote access and engagement of young people with diabetes into healthcare

'Technology' search terms:
telemedicine; remote consultation; telecare; ehealth; e-health; e-learning; elearning; reminder system$; online system; interactive health communication; computer communication network$; communication aid; interdisciplinary communication; mobile phone; social network; facebook; myspace; virtual world; short messaging service; virtual clinic$; online clinic$; on-line clinic$; internet; world wide web; interactive health; computer assisted therapy; information technology; electronic communication$; digital divide; e-mail; email; telehealth
"Communication" search terms:
health behaviour; health education; patient education health care delivery; adolescent health; health care system; health knowledge, attitudes, practices/; attitude to health; child health care; self efficacy; social support; health promotion; self care; attitude to computers; physician-patient relations
"Population" search terms:
child$; teen$; paediatr$; pediatr$; boy$; girl$; youth$; schoolchild$; school child$; kid$; adoles$; minors$; under ag$; juvenile$; pubescen$; secondary school$; high school$; peer group$; highschool$; schoolage; school age$; young adult$; young person$; young people; student$; sixth form$; higher education; further education; undergraduate$; college student$; university student$; universities/; college$