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Table 2 Presents summary of patients’ demographics, IPSS and surgical exploration results

From: MRI-negative Cushing’s Disease: Management Strategy and Outcomes in 15 Cases Utilizing a Pure Endoscopic Endonasal Approach

patients sex age IPSS exploration IPSS/exp Positive adenoma cell on histology recurrence
1 F 36 R L Discordant Yes (on left side sample)  
2 F 33 L No adenoma   Yes  
3 M 14 R R concordant Yes  
4 F 60 C C concordant No  
5 F 50 L L concordant Yes  
6 F 32 C No adenoma   Yes  
7 F 23 L L concordant Yes  
8 M 25 R R concordant No  
9 F 22 C C concordant No  
10 F 35 R L Discordant No Recurrence after 25 months
11 F 26 L R Discordant Yes (on right side sample) Recurrence after 19 months
12 F 65 R R concordant No  
13 F 38 R R concordant Yes No remission
14 M 23 L R Discordant Yes (on right sample)  
15 F 14 R R concordant No  
  1. Abbreviations: F Female, M Male, IPSS Inferior petrosal sinus sampling, EXP Surgical exploration, R Right, L Left