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Table 4 Trend of adrenal tests from 14 days before the surgery to 4 months after the surgery

From: Long delay in diagnosis of a case with MEN1 due to concomitant presence of AIMAH with insulinoma: a case report and literature review

Tests Reference range Two weeks before the surgery One week before the surgery One week after the surgery Three weeks after the surgery Two months after the surgery Four months after the surgery
ACTH (pg/ml) Up to 64 15 17   9.9   
Cortisol morning (µg/dl) 6.2–19.4 7.7 18.6 26.7 16.4   
24-h urine free cortisol (µg/dl) 50–190   281 736 390.3 8.7 6.3
Overnight dexamethasone suppression test (µg/dl)  < 5.0   3.5     0.7