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Table 4 Correlation coefficient between age and post-self-management scores along with post HbA1c in the digital storytelling group

From: Promoting self-management behaviors in adolescents with type 1 diabetes, using digital storytelling: a pilot randomized controlled trial

  Collaboration With Parents Diabetes care Activities Diabetes Problem-Solving Diabetes COmmunication Goals Total HbA1c
  r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value)
Age -0.347(0.048) -0.208(0.246) 0.082(0.650) -0.005(0.978) 0.125(0.488) -0.112(0.533) 0.156(0.386)