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Table 2 Laboratory findings of hormone levels

From: A case of atypical reninoma with mild hypertension and normal plasma renin activity but elevated plasma renin concentration

  Value Normal range
ACTH 12.4 0-46 pg/ml
Serum cortisol 12.9 5-25 μg/dl
VMA 2.6 <72umol/24 h
FSH 2.7 2.5-10.2IU/L
LH 3.8 1.9-12.5IU/L
E2 174 19-144 pg/ml
T 33.5 14-76 ng/dl
PRL 23.3 2.8-29.2 ng/ml
FT3 5.57 3.5-5.5 ng/dl
FT4 15.51 11.5-23.5 ng/dl
TSH 1.44 0.3-5.0 uIU/ml
  1. ACTH Adrenocortical hormone, VMA 24-hurinary vanillylmandelicacid, FSH Follicle-stimulating hormone, LH Luteinizing hormone, E2 Oestradiol, PRL Prolactin, T Testosterone, FT3 Free triiodothyronine, FT4 Free thyroxin, TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone