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Table 1 Level of MDA, PC, and GSH in G6PD-deficient, diabetics with deficient G6PD, diabetics with sufficient G6PD and non-diabetics with sufficient G6PD

From: Effect of combined G6PD deficiency and diabetes on protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation

Subjects n Plasma MDA
Plasma PC
(nmol/mg protein)
Whole bood GSH
(µmol/g Hb)
G6PD-deficient 14 9.33±1.40* 3.50±0.95* 3.19±1.88*
Diabetics with deficient G6PD 12 10.05±0.73* 6.53±0.71 2.72±0.35*
Diabetics with sufficient G6PD 68 9.13±1.88* 3.92±0.95* 5.85±0.98
Non-Diabetics with sufficient G6PD 30 7.11±1.07 0.64±0.15 6.00±0.40
  1. Values are in mean ±SD *p<0.001 when compared to non-diabetic with sufficient G6PD subjects
  2. Ϯp<0.001 when compared to G6PD-deficient and diabetics with sufficient G6PD subjects
  3. MDA, malondialdehyde; PC, protein carbonyl; GSH, reduced glutathione; G6PD, glucose-6- phosphate dehydrogenase