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Table 2 Reported cases of thyroid crisis due to thyroid cancer

From: Thyroid crisis caused by metastatic thyroid cancer: an autopsy case report

No. Age Sex Pathology Metastasis Trigger Outcome Graves’ disease Remarks Refs.
1 20 F PTC no 1) pregnancy?
2) delivery
alive +
two episodes of thyroid crisis
1) at 25 weeks gestation
2) at 2 weeks post-partum
2 71 F FVPTC bone, lung contrast-enhanced CT
incisional biopsy
death +
no treatment
3 68 M FVPTC bone total thyroidectomy alive +
4 66 F FVPTC bone, lung total thyroidectomy death   10
5 54 M FTC bone burn injury
death unknown post total thyroidectomy and treatment with radioactive iodine before 14 months 16
6 91 F FTC
bone, lung unknown death primary ATC arising from FTC and multiple FTC metastases our case
  1. PTC papillary thyroid carcinoma, FVPTC follicular variant of PTC, FTC follicular thyroid carcinoma, ATC anaplastic thyroid carcinoma