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Table 1 Blood test results

From: Heart failure as a serious complication of iodinated contrast-induced hyperthyroidism: case-report

 Laboratory test Results  
  Prior to CT One month after CT Reference
C-reactive protein (CRP)(mg/l) N.D. 46 <5
leukocytes (x10^9/l) N.D. 18.7 4-11
thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)(mU/l) 0.22 <0.02 0.3-4.2
T4 (pmol/l) 17 38 12-22
TSH receptor antibodies (U/l) N.D. <0.9 <1.2
  1. N.D.: not determined. The CRP and leucocytosis are explained by the pneumonia. Results are suggestive of an autonomously functioning multinodular goitre