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Table 3 Correlations between PI, CP, PI:CP ratio and glycemic parameters

From: A comparison of glycemic parameters and their relationship with C-peptide and Proinsulin levels during partial remission and non-remission periods in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus - a cross-sectional study

  Time-in-range Overall Time in
Level 1 Hypoglycemia Overall
Time in
Level 1 Hyperglycemia Overall
Mean HbA1C Mean Sensor Glucose Overall Mean SD Overall Mean CV Overall
C- peptide PRP r1:0.65 P1:0.03 r1:-0.009 P1:0.97 r1:-0.56 P1:0.015 r1:0.27 P1:0.26 r1:-0.47 P1:0.048 r1:-0.62 P1:0.006 R1:-0.29 P1:0.23
Non- PRP r2: 0.09 P2:0.7 r2:0.61 P2:0.009 r2:0.5
r2:-0.06 P2:0.98 r2:-0.01 P2:0.95 r2:0.191 P2:0.462 R2:0.37 P2:0.14
Proinsulin PRP r1:0.23 P1:0.34 r1:-0.29 P1:0.24 r1:-0.16
r1:0.16 P1:0.50 r1:-0.05 P1:0.84 r1:-0.24 P1:0.32 R1:-0.41 P1:0.08
Non- PRP r2:-0.94 P2:0.45 r2:0.07 P2:0.765 r2:0.24
r2:0.16 P2:0.53 r2:0.16 P2:0.52 r2:0.22 P2:0.39 R2:0.02 P2:0.94
PI/CP ratio PRP r1:0.06 P1:0.78 r1:-0.38 P1:0.11 r1:0.01
r1:0.15 P1:0.54 r1:0.09 P1:0.69 r1:-0.06 P1:0.79 R1:-0.42 P1:0.07
Non-PRP r2:-0.35 P2:0.62 r2:-0.55 P2:0.02 r2:0.09
r2:0.28 P2:0.27 r2:0.37 P2:0.13 r2:0.18 P2:0.48 R2:-0.41 P2:0.09
  1. CV Coefficient of variation, SD Standard Deviation, PI:CP Proinsulin to C-peptide ratio