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Table 1 Basal characteristic of patients

From: Vitamin D deficiency in non-autoimmune hypothyroidism: a case-control study

CharacteristicImmune HypothyroidNon-Immune HypothyroidcontrolP Value*
Age، years (mean ± s.d.)37.48 ± 13.1836.65 ± 14.5637.69 ± 15.260.630
Sex (male), n (%)146 (23.1)66 (21.6)49 (24.5)0.751
Vitamin D level, ng/ml (IQR)13.22(8.1–24.27)16(8.43–28.85)20.4(11.2–29.6)0.001
TSH, mIu/l (IQR)6.29(3.13–17.75)5.92(2.54–1.81)2.2(1.59–2.88)0.001
T3, mg/ml (IQR)1.67(1.26–2.38)1.68(1.22–2.15)1.32(0.74–1.8)0.001
T4, mg/ml (IQR)9.1(7.06–63.62)11.1(7.42–80.05)7.05(0.63–808)0.001
TPOAb, IU/mL (IQR)14.4(4.69–134.6)3.59(1.13–16.67)19.4(13.6–33.55)0.001
TGAb, IU/mL (IQR)320.7(112.2–733)10(4.33–15.63)16.9(9.16–185.95)0.001
  1. * Kruskal–Wallis one-way analysis of variance. P value less than 0.05 is considered significant. Normally distributed variables are shown as mean ± s.d. nonparametric variables are shown as median (IQR). IQR Interquartile range. n Number, TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone. TPOAb Thyroid Autoantibodies, TGAb thyroglobulin antibodies