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Table 4 Differences between SF12 scores between DM and non-DM participants adjusted for the baseline values

From: Longitudinal assessment of the health-related quality of life among older people with diabetes: results of a nationwide study in New Zealand

SF12-PCSβ (SE)95% CIP valueSF12-MCSβ (SE)95% CIP value
Baseline0.66 (0.02)0.63–0.69< 0.001Baseline0.51 (0.01)0.48–0.54< 0.001
time−0.30 (0.03)−.035, −.025< 0.001time0.09 (0.03)0.03–0.140.003
group−2.60 (0.44)−3.46, −1.74< 0.001group−1.77 (0.44)− 2.63-0.90< 0.001