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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with type 2 diabetes at a specialised Diabetes clinic in Gaborone (N = 477)

From: Statin prescription among patients with type 2 diabetes in Botswana: findings and implications

CharacteristicsAll (N= 477)Males (n = 160)Females (n = 317)
Age, mean(SD), years60.3(10.8)56.8(11.5)62.0(10.1)
Age > 40 years n(%)461(96.7)150(93.8)311(98.1)
Diabetes duration, median, IQR, years7(3–13)8.9(3–14)7 (3–13)
Diabetes duration > 10 years n(%)164 (34.4)63(39.4)101(31.9)
BMI, mean (SD) kg/m230.7(6.0)29.0(5.2)31.6(6.1)
 Normal weight n(%)85(17.8)39(24.4)46(14.5)
 Overweight n(%)146(30.6)59(36.7)87(27.4)
 Obese n(%)246(51.6)62(38.8)184(58.0)
Marital status
 Living alone n(%)247(51.8)47(29.4)200(63.1)
 Living with a partner n(%)230(48.2)113(70.6)117(36.9)
Education status
  ≤ Primary education, n(%)306(64.1)82(51.3)224(70.7)
  ≥ Secondary or tertiary, n(%)171(35.9)78(48.7)93(29.3)
WHR, mean (SD)0.94(0.10)0.97(0.08)0.93(0.09)
 Low WHR n (%)79(16.6)67(41.9)12(3.8)
 High WHR n (%)398(83.4)93(58.1)305(96.2)
Hypertension n (%)404(84.7)120(75.0)284(89.6)
Use of antihypertensive n (%)389(81.6)110(68.8)279(88.0)
Smoking n (%)16(3.4)12(7.5)4(1.3)
Lipid-lowering medications n (%)224(47.0)70(43.8)154(48.6)
 Statins n (%)217(45.5)68(42.5)149(47.0)
 Others n (%)7(1.5)2(1.6)5(1.6)
CVD n (%)42(8.8)15(9.4)27(8.5)
 PAD n (%)11(2.3)3(1.9)8(2.5)
 Coronary artery disease n (%)12(2.5)5(3.3)7(2.2)
 Cerebrovascular disease n (%)22(4.6)8(5.0)14(4.4)
CKD n (%)54(11.3)24(15.0)30(9.5)
Proteinuria n (%)51(10.7)27(16.9)24(7.6)
HbA1c mean (SD), %8.4(2.4)8.5(2.6)8.3(2.3)
Baseline LDL-C, mean (SD), mmol/L3.1(1.2)2.8(1.1)3.3(1.2)
  1. Legend: BMI Body Mass Index, CKD chronic kidney disease, CVD cardiovascular disease, HbA1c Haemoglobin A1c, IQR interquartile range, LDL-C low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, PAD peripheral artery disease, SD standard deviation, WHR waist-hip ratio