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Table 4 Final version of TELSA

From: Establishment of a type 1 diabetes structured education programme suitable for Chinese patients: type 1 diabetes education in lifestyle and self adjustment (TELSA)

Goals1. Behaviour modification
2. Outcome improvement
Sessions1. Living with T1D
2. Self-monitoring of blood glucose
3. Managing psychological issues
4. Knowing insulin
5. Carbohydrates and carb counting
6. Insulin dose adjustment
7. Hypoglycaemia
8. Physical activity
9. Complications of diabetes
10. Question-and-answer
Format1. Multidisciplinary team combined with peer support
2. Face-to-face education followed by remote learning
3. 2-day programme held on weekends
Quality assurance1. After-class quiz
2. Patients’ feedback
3. Long-term evaluation on effectiveness