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Fig. 1

From: Identification of metabolic syndrome using phenotypes consisting of triglyceride levels with anthropometric indices in Korean adults

Fig. 1

The proportion of patients with the metabolic syndrome and proportion of subjects with each MetS component according to age and gender groups. MetS, metabolic syndrome; M-30-39, men aged 30–39 years; M-40-49, men aged 40–49 years; M-50-59, men aged 50–59 years; M-60-69, men aged 60–69 years; M-70-79, men aged 70–79 years; W-30-39, women aged 30–39 years; W-40-49, women aged 40–49 years; W-50-59, women aged 50–59 years; W-60-69, women aged 60–69 years; W-70-79, women aged 70–79 years

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