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Table 1 Routine laboratory investigation of patient

From: Case report of one month and 15 days old baby with type V hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP)

Routine lab investigationsResultsReference range
Hb (g/dl)6.89.4–13.0 g/dl
Total Wbc count (X109/L)15.85.00–15.0 X109/L
Platelets (X109/L)161210–650 X109/L
ALT or SGPT (U/L)05< 45 U/L
ALP (U/L)477122–469 U/L
Total Bilirubin (mg/dl)0.200–2.0 mg/dl
Direct Bilirubin (mg/dl)0.690–0.2 mg/dl
Lipase (U/L)35.8< 38 U/L
Amylase (U/L)26< 100 U/L
HIV 1 and 2Non-ReactiveCut off < 1
HepB-sAgNon-ReactiveCut off < 1
Anti-HCV AbNon-ReactiveCut off < 1
SyphilisNon-ReactiveCut off < 1