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Table 2 Univariate Comparison in oligo−/anovulation PCOS women, eumenorrheic PCOS women and control women

From: Lifestyle and environmental contributions to ovulatory dysfunction in women of polycystic ovary syndrome

Meat favorable diet %(N)54.60(1061)41.30(95)NA<0.01a
Exercise duration per week %(N)   0.08
 Less than 10 h64.90(1274)57.10(133)65.60(181) 
 10–20 h (including 10 h)23.80(468)26.60(62)24.60(68) 
 More than 20 h (including 20 h)11.30(221)16.30(38)9.80(27) 
Insomnia%(N)    0.18
 Every week7.60(149)6.00(14)7.60(21) 
Snoring %(N)29.30(579)18.10(43)11.50(32)<0.01a
Smoking %(N)37.70(734)28.10(66)12.20(34)<0.01a
Alcohol consumption %(N)7.10(141)6.70(16)6.50(18)0.92
Tea drinking (%(N)14.10(273)15.80(37)7.00(19)< 0.01a
Plastic tableware usage %(N)38.30(750)28.10(66)25.40(71)< 0.01a
Indoor decoration at home or workplace %(N)32.10(635)24.80(59)16.80(47)< 0.01a
Air freshener usage %(N)15.60(307)9.30(22)12.90(36)0.02a
Cooking oil fume contact %(N)53.00(1026)43.00(101)32.30(90)< 0.01a
  1. Data was presented as Mean ± SD and median (interquartile range) for normality and non-normality distributions respectively. One-way anova was used in continuous variables, while Chi square test was used in categorical variables
  2. Smoke: Active smoking was defined as a person who currently smoke at least 1 cigarette per 3 days. Passive smoking was defined as a person who inhale smoke constantly from others in work or living area
  3. Alcohol drinking: once a week for at least 6 months; Tea drinking: one cup per day for at least 6 months; Plastic tableware usage: 1 time per day for at least 6 months; Indoor decoration at home or workplace: indoor painting performed or large furniture moved within two years before incidence of dysmenorrhea ; Air freshener usage: 3 times per week for at least 6 months; Cooking oil fume contact: Cooking oil fume contact was defined as women who cooked at home or workplace at least once per 3 days
  4. asignificance was set at level of 0.05