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Table 2 Trajectory of s-zonulin before and after the conservative and surgical weight loss interventions

From: Changes in serum zonulin in individuals with morbid obesity after weight-loss interventions: a prospective cohort study

  Estimate (95% confidence interval of the mean) P-values
At inclusion (ng/ml) 62 (57 to 66) < 0.001
Change from baseline to after the surgical intervention (during both interventions) (ng/ml) −29 (− 17 to −41) < 0.001
Change during the conservative weight loss intervention (ng/ml) −19 (− 12 to −26) < 0.001
Change during the surgical weight loss intervention (ng/ml) − 11 (0 to −21) 0.04
  1. Analysis with linear mixed models, with zonulin as the dependent variable, patient as random effect and the covariates time, sex, age (centred at age 43 years) and body mass index (measured at three time points, centred at body mass index 39 kg/m2) as fixed effects
  2. S-zonulin Serum zonulin