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Table 2 Intended variables for data collection, continued

From: Understanding the impact of five major determinants of health (genetics, biology, behavior, psychology, society/environment) on type 2 diabetes in U.S. Hispanic/Latino families: Mil Familias - a cohort study

VariableEncounter and/or Intended Tool or Method (Ref.)1 – Adult with diabetes2 – Adult w/o diabetes3 – Child with diabetes4 – Child w/o diabetes
  Patient-reportedOSQ: Oviedo Sleep Questionnaire [21]YesYes
  Device-reportedWearable device (e.g., Fitbit)YesYes≥ 13≥ 13
 Physical activity
  Patient-reportedActivity LogYesYes
  Device-reportedWearable device (e.g., Fitbit, ActiGraph)YesYes≥ 13≥ 13
  Tortilla consumptionIntro. Interview, # corn vs. flour eaten daily past 30 daysYesYes
  Sugary drinksIntro. Interview, BRFSS questions [22]YesYes
  Eating outIntro. Interview, NHANES question [23]YesYes
  StressPSS-4: Perceived Stress Scale [24]YesYes
  Drug abuseDAST-10: Drug Abuse Screening Test [25]YesYes
  DM managementDSSCI: Diabetes Symptom Self-Care Inventory [26]Yes
  Family DM managementFSE: Family Self-Efficacy for Diabetes Management [27]Yes
  Foot careFCCS-FCB: Foot Care Confidence Scale / Behavior [28]Yes
  AgeIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  GenderIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Race/ethnicityIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  AddressIntro. Interview/Demographics/ContactsYesYesParPar
  Phone numberIntro. Interview/Demographics/ContactsYesYes
  EmailIntro. Interview/Demographics/ContactsYesYes
  Household size, incomeIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  EducationIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Insurance statusIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Insurance type/payerIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Recent provider visitIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Country of birthIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYesParPar
  Marital statusIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYes
  OccupationIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYes
  Night shiftsIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYes
  Alcohol, tobacco useIntro. Interview/DemographicsYesYes
  AcculturationBASH: Brief Acculturation Scale for Hispanics [29]YesYes
 Introductory Interview
  DM causeIntro. Interview: Why is DM common in Latino families?YesYes
  DM preventionIntro. Interview: What can prevent DM in Latino families?YesYes
  DM challengesIntro. Interview: What difficulties to get help with DM?YesYes
  Health literacySAHL: Short Assessment of Health Literacy [30]YesYes
  Health numeracyNVS: Newest Vital Signs [31]YesYes
  Trust in physicianTPS: Trust in Physician Scale [32]YesYes
  Social needs stabilitySNST: Health Leads Social Needs Screening Toolkit [33]YesYes
  Food (In)securityFSSM: Food Security Survey Module [34]YesYes
  Functional supportSSQ6: Social Support Questionnaire short version [35]Yes
  Support structuremMOS-SSS: Modified Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey [36]YesYes
  1. Abbreviations: DM Diabetes mellitus, HbA1c Hemoglobin A1c, Intro., Introductory, Opt Optional, Par Participant