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Table 2 Differential diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia

From: Insulin autoimmune syndrome induced by exogenous insulin injection: a four-case series

SubjectInsulin resistant syndromeType B insulin resistanceInsulinomaNesidioblastosis
Clinical manifestationhyperandrogenism, widespread acanthosis nigricans, insulin resistance autoimmune disordershyperandrogenism, widespread acanthosis nigricans, insulin resistance autoimmune disordersinappropriately high serum insulin concentrations during an episode of hypoglycemiainappropriately high serum insulin concentrations and hypoglycemia
Mechanisminsulin autoantibodiesinsulin receptor antibodiesneuroendocrine tumorexcessive function of abnormal pancreatic β-cells
TreatmentSteroid (Prednisone, 5-10 mg/day) immunosuppressaninsulin and insulin sensitizer steroid and immunosuppressantcomplete resectionpartial or subtotal pancreatectom.
Serum insulin levelsgenerally above 1000 pmol/L≥43.05 pmol/L↑(moderate)