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Fig. 1

From: Primary hyperparathyroidism presenting as a brown tumor in the mandible: a case report

Fig. 1

(a-b) Enhanced computer tomography scan of the brown tumor in the mandible (yellow arrows). (a) Coronal CT and (b) axial CT. (c-d) 99mTc-MIBI of the parathyroid adenoma (red arrows): the early imaging (c) shows the radioactive concentration at the site of the left parathyroid, and the delayed imaging (d) shows that it did not degrade. (e-h) SPECT/CT scintigraphy revealed the low-density lesion with high radioactive uptake at the site of the left parathyroid (red arrows): (e-f) Axial, (g) sagittal, and (h) coronal images of the parathyroid adenoma

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