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Table 4 Intervention costs

From: Methodology of the health economic evaluation of the Feel4Diabetes-study

 School-based componentHigh Risk Family component
Scientific Staff· Time attributed to communication with schools, directors and teachers
· Facilitation of the intervention (information distribution, feedback, problem-solving)
· Delivery of intervention material· Delivering the teachers’ training session
· Transportation costs
· Time attributed to communication with high-risk parents
· Delivering the HRF group and individual sessions
· Transportation costs
Community Stakeholders and NGO’s· Extra time spending due to the study
· Extra incurred costs due to the study
High Risk Families · Transportation cost to the counseling sessions
· Time spending at the counseling session· Incurred costs related to a changing lifestyle (e.g. gym subscription, training equipment, weight scale)
Teachers· Travel time to the training session· Transportation cost to the training session
· Time spent at the training session· Time spent for the implementation of the intervention before and after school time
· Incurred costs related to the implementation of the intervention.
Other· Distribution cost and production cost of newsletters· Other intervention costs reported by the scientific staff (i.e. intervention material)· Distribution, collection and analysis of the FINDRISC questionnaire· Costs related to the SMS intervention
· Other intervention costs reported by the scientific staff (i.e. intervention material)