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Table 1 EBRBs and relative risk on overweight/obesity

From: Methodology of the health economic evaluation of the Feel4Diabetes-study

EBRBsbehaviourRelative risk on overweight/obesityreferencebehaviourRelative risk on overweight/obesityreference
Water consumption1.1 glass of water per day difference1.33[12] inconclusive literature 
Fruits and berries inconclusive literature 3.13 daily servings difference1.23Ɨ (overweight)1.25Ɨ (obesity)[13]
Vegetables inconclusive literature 3.13 daily servings difference1.19Ɨ (overweight)1.15Ɨ (obesity)[13]
Screen time>  4 h per day2.00[14]>  21 h per week1.38[15]
Sweets inconclusive literature  inconclusive literature 
Sugar-sweetened beverages>  1 sugary drink per day1.22Ɨ[16]>  1 soft drink per day1.30[17]
Daily physical activity<  60 min per day1.35[18]<  5 days per week 30 min1.07Ɨ[15]
Breakfast patterndaily breakfast taking3.03 (overweight); 2.13 (obesity)[19]daily breakfast taking1.19[20]
  1. Ɨ: conservative estimates of relative risks, derived from odds ratio and prevalence in the control group.