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Table 3 Summary of reliability measures of family’s energy balance behaviors questions

From: Development and reliability of questionnaires for the assessment of diet and physical activity behaviors in a multi-country sample in Europe the Feel4Diabetes Study

 Number of questionsMean ICC (range)
Frequency of consumption of selected food groups
 Parent100.690 (0.480–0.827)
 Child90.633 (0.371–0.822)
Breakfast consumption
 Parent20.616 (0.457–0.775)
 Child20.185 (0.088–0.281)
Consumption of selected foods/food groups at breakfast
 Parent80.620 (0.367–0.814)
 Child80.725 (0.617–0.810)
Physical activity levels
 Parent20.635 (0.569–0.700)
 Child20.494 (0.367–0.620)
Screen activities
 Parent20.502 (0.327–0.676)
 Child20.671 (0.647–0.694)
Availability of foods at home80.7200 (0.625–0.794)
Family habits related to diet30.695 (0.563–0.793)
Family habits related to physical activity/sedentary behaviors60.713 (0.517–0.825)
Perceptions about health30.653 (0.570–0.727)
Availability of electronic devices at child’s room50.792 (0.700–0.887)