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Table 2 Summary of reliability measures of physical activity and sedentary behaviors questions in adults and children

From: Development and reliability of questionnaires for the assessment of diet and physical activity behaviors in a multi-country sample in Europe the Feel4Diabetes Study

 Number of questionsMean ICC (range)
Type and frequency of physical activity60.518 (0.306–0.733)
Type and frequency of sedentary behaviors50.820 (0.584–0.935)
Social support for physical activity30.782 (0.737–0.821)
Inactivity perceptions/attitudes related to:
 Lack of time/interest/motivation/enjoyment50.817 (0.732–0.881)
 Body image and health30.735 (0.673–0.777)
 Environmental factors60.673 (0.125–0.826)
Self-efficacy of physical activity engagement70.848 (0.705–0.910)
Physical activity recommendations knowledge10.796
Type and frequency of physical activity200.797 (0.001–0.996)
Type and frequency of sedentary behaviors50.773 (0.692–0.838)
Parental support for physical activity20.847 (0.805–0.888)
Parental sabotage for physical activity20.766 (0.707–0.824)
Inactivity perceptions/attitudes40.803 (0.772–0.835)
Physical activity recommendations knowledge10.852