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Table 1 Summary of reliability measures of food-frequency and eating behaviors questions in adults and children

From: Development and reliability of questionnaires for the assessment of diet and physical activity behaviors in a multi-country sample in Europe the Feel4Diabetes Study

Number of questionsMean ICC (range)Number of questionsMean ICC (range)
Frequency of consumption of specific foods330.832 (0.349–0.947)290.767 (0.349–0.953)
Types of fat consumed150.862 (0.786–0.936)150.807 (0.484–0.939)
Meals and snacks frequency140.819 (0.238–0.956)140.851 (0.778–0.925)
Foods consumption at breakfast160.848 (0.667–0.924)150.789 (0.649–0.877)
Breakfast skipping10.86110.670
Meals with company30.824 (0.791–0.888)30.802 (0.744–0.839)
Perception of body weight10.87810.892
Nutrition knowledge10.76310.840