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Table 1 Respondent demographics for 2013 and 2017-18 online questionnaires

From: A retrospective analysis of adrenal crisis in steroid-dependent patients: causes, frequency and outcomes

Cause of steroid-dependence2013 N = 10532017–18 N = 746
Autoimmune adrenal failure (Addison’s)51.5%71.4%
Pituitary condition31.9%5.4%
CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia5.9%0.1%
Surgical removal of adrenals3.5%5.7%
Secondary adrenal suppression2.9%7%
TB, HIV or other infectious cause1%0.7%
Adrenal haemorrhage0.1%0.5%
ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy)0.1%0.2%
Don’t know3.1%4.2%
All primary62.1%82.4%
All secondary34.8%12.4%
Age, years, estimated mean50 years54 years
Age range(0–10) – (90+) years(0–10) – (90+) years
Years since diagnosis, estimated mean11.5 years12.4 years
Years since diagnosis: range(Less than 1) – (50+)(Less than 1) – (50+)
Female, %73%78%
Educated to tertiary level, %60%56%