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Table 1 Laboratory measures, clinical signs and cultures in patients with thyroid abscess

From: Acute suppurative thyroiditis with thyroid abscess in adults: clinical presentation, treatment and outcomes

 CRP mg/LESR mm/hrFever ºCTSH mIU/LFree T 4 pmol/LTRAb mIU/LTPOab kIU/LTissue culturesBlood culturesFNA
Case 118028–75400.115NegNegNAStrep pneumoniaLymphocytes, granulocytes macrophages
Case 232812737.90.0857NegNAE coliNeg × 6Granulocytes cell debris
Case 310440381.413< 0.345NegNeg x 2Macrophages giant cellsa
Case 48726390.990.9bb0.5cccNegNeg x 2Granulocytes macrophages
Case 5426NA38.4NANANANA Strepto- cocci s 
Case 6202NA39.30.121< 0.3 Hemophilus CandidaPeptostrepto- cocci 
Normal< 3< 20 0.4–3.5/4.78–22< 0.3< 0.34   
  1. aThree weeks after initial lab tests. bbref. < 1.0. E/L. cccref. < 5.0 kE/L. See text for detail as biochemical references were not identical in all tests
  2. FNA, fine needle aspiration. Neg, negative. NA, not available. s, sanguinis