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Table 1 Comparison of the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in populations with different demographic characteristics (N = 4177)

From: Application of three statistical models for predicting the risk of diabetes

VariablesLevelsType 2 diabetesPrevalence (%)χ2P
Age< 703148.523.801< 0.001
NationHan nationality3319.11.7810.182
Place of residenceUrban2159.40.0420.837
Education levelPrimary or below1239.81.6460.649
Junior middle school1339.4 
Senior high school778.3 
College or higher569.7 
Marital statusMarried3219.20.1110.739
OccupationPhysical work2289.02.6390.267
Mental work708.8 
Retirement or other9110.8