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Table 3 Selected characteristics in association with the risk for GDM recurrence (N = 142)

From: Frequency and risk factors for recurrent gestational diabetes mellitus in primiparous women: a case control study

Variables Adjusted OR a
(95% CI)
p value
First-trimester fasting plasma glucose in the first pregnancy 0.24 (0.10–0.63) 0.004*
First-trimester triglyceride in the first pregnancy 1.77 (0.96–3.27) 0.069
1 h glucose in the first pregnancy (75-g OGTT) 1.43 (1.09–1.87) 0.010*
First-trimester HbA1c in subsequent pregnancy 3.59 (0.93–13.88) 0.063
First-trimester triglyceride in subsequent pregnancy 1.89 (1.13–3.16) 0.016*
First-trimester HDL-C in subsequent pregnancy 0.52 (0.19–1.44) 0.208
  1. a Adjusted for maternal age and prepregnancy BMI in subsequent pregnancy, educational attainment, family history of first-degree diabetes, and insulin treatment
  2. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, OGTT oral glucose tolerance test, HbA1c glycated hemoglobin