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Table 1 List of tests, methodologies and coefficient of variation

From: Metabolic syndrome and its predictors in an urban population in Kenya: A cross sectional study

Test Method Between run CV
UA Enzymatic colour 0.1%
TC Enzymatic colour calibrated to CDC Reference Method (Abell-Kendall) 0.3%
LDL-C Enzymatic colour calibrated to US CDC 0.4%
TGs Enzymatic colour 0.4%
HDL-C Enzymatic colour calibrated to US CDC 0.3%
Glucose Enzymatic UV test (hexokinase method) 0.1%
hsCRP Immuno-turbidimetric 0.8%
ALP Kinetic colour IFCC 0.1%
ALT Kinetic UV IFCC 0.8%
AST Kinetic UV IFCC 0.4%
GGT Kinetic colour IFCC 0.4%
  1. Abbreviations ALP Alkaline phosphatase, ALT Alanine aminotransferase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase, CDC Centre of Disease Control, CV Coefficient of variation, GGT Gama glutamyl transferase, HDL-C High density lipoprotein cholesterol, hsCRP Highly sensitive C-reactive protein, IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry, LDL-C Low density lipoprotein cholesterol, TGs Triglycerides, UA Uric acid, US United States