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Fig. 3

From: Berberine improves glucogenesis and lipid metabolism in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Fig. 3

Changes in body weights, FBG levels, FINS levels, HOMA-IR and ISI in the three groups before and after the BBR intervention. a A significant increase in body weight was observed at the 16th week after the successful establishment of the NAFLD model. After the 16 week BBR intervention, the NAFLD + BBR group exhibited a significant reduction in body weight compared with NAFLD group.b During the first 8-week treatment period, the FBG levels were obviously decreased, but differences were not observed between the three groups at the end of the treatment. After the NAFLD model was successfully established, the FINS concentrations (c) and HOMA-IR (d) increased significantly and the ISI (e) decreasing dramatically. BBR reduced the FINS concentrations, HOMA-IR and increased the ISI at the 32nd week, although the differences were not significant. The data are presented as the means ± SEM. *P < 0.05, NCD vs NAFLD + BBR; &P < 0.05, NCD vs NAFLD; #P < 0.05, NAFLD vs NAFLD + BBR

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