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Table 4 Odds ratio of incident diabetes associated with hepatic markers in univariate models and after adjustment for other markers and common diabetes risk factors*.

From: Association of liver enzymes with incident type 2 diabetes: A nested case control study in an Iranian population

  Odds ratio P Odds ratio P Odds ratio P
Model 1 1.96(0.64–5.95) 0.2 3.07(1.21–7.79) 0.01 2.91(1.29–6.53) 0.01
Model 2 1.27(0.47–3.42) 0.5 3.62(1.37–9.53) 0.009 2.70(1.15–6.35) 0.02
Model 3 1.56 (0.42–5.74) 0.5 3.32(1.18–9.30) 0.02 3.23 (1.32–7.92) 0.01
Model 4 1.09(0.34–3.53) 0.8 3.18(1.02–9.86) 0.04 1.93(0.73–5.04) 0.1
  1. AST: Aspartate aminotransferase, ALT: Alanin aminotransferase, GGT: Gamma glutamyltransferase
  2. *All the hepatic markers were log transformed before analysis. Odds ratios were calculated using backward conditional logistic regression with standardization to a SD of 1. Factor scores obtained from factor analysis were considered as continuous independent variables. In model 1 only the individual hepatic markers were entered (univariate). Model 2 was adjusted for log transformed C-reactive protein and HOMA-IR. Model 3 was further adjusted for family history of diabetes as well as anthropometric (waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index) and blood pressure (systolic and diastolic blood pressure and 2-hours glucose) factor scores. Model 4 was adjusted for all the variables in model 3 plus metabolic (Fasting and 2-hours glucose, triglycerides and HDL-cholesterol) factor score.