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Table 1 Proposed "HPD" classification

From: The AQUA-FONTIS study: protocol of a multidisciplinary, cross-sectional and prospective longitudinal study for developing standardized diagnostics and classification of non-thyroidal illness syndrome

Facet Possible values
Hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction or adaptation ("H") H0: Normal TSH secretion, adequate to T4 level
H1: Thyrotropic insufficiency
Impaired plasma protein binding ("P") P0: Normal binding to plasma proteins
P1: Normal binding with reduced levels of plasma proteins
P2: reduced binding to proteins within normal levels
P3: reduced binding and reduced protein levels
Reduced deiodation ("D") D0: Normal deiodation
D1: Reduced deiodation activity
  1. Example: H1P0D1: Thyrotropic insufficiency with reduced deiodation and normal protein binding.