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Table 1 STARD checklist for the reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy (shortened item description)

From: A systematic review of the literature examining the diagnostic efficacy of measurement of fractionated plasma free metanephrines in the biochemical diagnosis of pheochromocytoma

Selection and topic Item Mayo NIH Vienna
   R1* R2* R1* R2* R1* R2*
TITLE/ABSTRACT 1. Identify study of diagnostic accuracy
INTRODUCTION 2. State the research question
Participants 3. Describe study population
  4. Describe participant recruitment   
  5. Describe participant sampling    
  6. Describe if prospective or retrospective  
Test Methods 7. Reference standard and rationale
  8. Technical specifications described or referenced
  9. Description of rationale for cut-offs for index tests and reference standards  
  10. Description of the number and training of persons executing the tests       
  11. Description of blinding of test readers       
Statistical Methods 12. Description of calculations of diagnostic accuracy and uncertainty
  13. Description of calculations of test reproducibility      
Participants 14. Description of duration of study   
  15. Description of clinical and demographic description of participants
  16. Description of the number of participants satisfying inclusion criteria that did not undergo the index test or reference standard, and why     
Test Results 17. Description of the time interval from the index test to the reference standard and any treatment administered between       
  18. Description of the severity of disease in those with the target condition; other diagnoses in participants without the target condition    
  19. A cross-tabulation of the results of the index tests (including indeterminate and missing tests)
  20. Any adverse events from performing the index or reference tests       
Estimates 21. Estimates of diagnostic accuracy with statistical uncertainty    
  22. Description of how indeterminate results were handled     
  23. Estimates of variability between subgroups of patients, readers, or centres   
  24. Estimates of test reproducibility      
DISCUSSION 25. Discussion of the clinical applicability of the findings
  1. *R1 and R2, refer to Reviewer 1 and 2, •indicates criteria fulfilled (at least in part)