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Table 1 Clinical information on the human subjects.

From: Islet expression of the DNA repair enzyme 8-oxoguanosine DNA glycosylase (Ogg1) in human type 2 diabetes

Identity letter or diabetes duration (yr) Age Diabetes treatment Cause of death or *cause of extirpation
a 57# N/A *Mild pancreas rejection
b 66 N/A Mesenterial thrombosis
c 40 N/A *Cerebral infarct
d 57 N/A *Pancreatic cystadenoma
e - N/A -
f 49 N/A Myocardial tamponade
g - N/A -
2 53 SU Myocardial infarct
7 58 SU Myocardial infarct
15 72 Diet Myocardial insufficiency
20 69 Insulin / SU Myocardial insufficiency
23 57 Diet *Chronic pancreatitis
  1. The evaluated tissues were taken adjacent to pathological area, whenever applicable. #Age of pancreas donor not known. SU, sulphonylurea. No data could be recovered regarding subject e and g. Late onset type 1 diabetes were excluded based on histological absence of lymphocytes adjacent to islets.