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Figure 2

From: Possible modulatory effect of endogenous islet catecholamines on insulin secretion

Figure 2

Effect of α2- (Y and I, upper pannel) and α1- (P and T, lower pannel) adrenergic antagonists upon insulin secretion in isolated islets of Langerhans incubated in the presence of 16.7 mM glucose. Each bar represents the mean ± SEM and refers to 3 separate experiments and 10 individual determinations. The concentrations of Y, I, P, and T are shown under each bar. P values: a vs b, p < 0.05; a vs c and d, p < 0.001; e vs f, p < 0.02; e vs g, p < 0.005; e vs h and i, p < 0.001.

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